The United Arab Emirates has launched the world’s most expensive modern postage stamp to celebrate the country’s 50th anniversary of founding.

Emirates Post Group, a government-owned post office, has launched the first edition of the modern postage stamp in four editions. Each physical stamp in the set comes with a digital copy.

The most expensive version is the “Golden Jubille 2021”, which includes 2021 pieces and costs 2021 dirhams (US$550). Each stamp contains one gram of gold.

The second seal is “Spirit of the Union – 1971”, which symbolizes the founding fathers of the United Arab Emirates. Guess what, the third stamp is “The 50th Year – 2021” while the fourth is the “50th Projects 2071” which represents the future vision of the UAE.

The other three sets are relatively cheaper and cost around 250 dirhams ($68) per non-perishable token (NFT postage stamp.

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Cointelegraph reached out to Postal Group CEO Abdullah Al-Ashram to understand the idea behind the launch of digital collectible postage stamps. Al-Ashram explained that the decision was made to celebrate the anniversary of the founding day and anyone from all over the world could buy it.

“It is definitely part of the broader strategy and blockchain will be key to many projects in the Emirates Post Group.”
The launch of the NFT postage made the Emirates Post Group the only company in the Middle East and North Africa to do so. Blockchain has become a major part of business strategy in the UAE over the past year.

Source: CoinTelegraph