As Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) gain legitimacy at the top of financial circles, which will eventually help cryptocurrencies become commonplace, companies offering enterprise-level blockchain solutions also gain interest from the corporate sector and the degree of investment.

Marketed as one of the next technological breakthroughs that will revolutionize the current digital landscape and open up a new era of decentralization, companies have already shown great interest in how to integrate blockchain technology into their business to save money and improve efficiency.

One company with a focus on blockchain solutions for the entire business is Unibright. The price of the Unibright token (UBT) in 2021 increased by more than 350%, rising from $ 0.39 on January 1 to a record high of $ 1.72. February 19th.

There are three reasons for the recent rise in Unibright tokens: the launch of the Unibright Baseledger enterprise solution, the big name partnerships that have proven effective under real conditions, the increase in trading volume generated by the DeFi integration, and token sales started. Withdrawn from circulation.

Business blockchains need privacy
Originally designed with the goal of bringing blockchain technology and contracts to business, Unibright delivers enterprise-class solutions that meet the privacy needs of companies that cannot complete all of their general ledger transactions.

The project is part of the Baseline Protocol, which is an open source initiative that aims to integrate traditional systems and document data in public networks such as Ethereum. It does this by combining advances in cryptography and blockchain messaging services to enable secure, low-cost private business processes.

On February 25, Unibright released a technical document from Baseledger, which was described as offering a “public, managed blockchain” that uses a consensus mechanism to demonstrate an effort that “delivers low, fixed costs, high performance, content, privacy, multi -chain coordination and offline integration. “.

According to the project’s website, companies will use UBT tokens to access blockchain-based business integration products, and employees will be able to bid on the token to receive bonuses for networking, such as running and posting nodes.

Partnerships indicate increased demand
The recent partnership and integration with Unibright also increased optimism, as well-known companies such as Coca-Cola are participating in the project, which now wants to integrate blockchain solutions into its large supply chains.

On February 23, it was announced that CONA Services had signed a partnership with Salesforce for real-time tracking. CONA Services offers IT services to all Coca-Cola bottle suppliers and suppliers, and in August 2020, a partnership with Unibright was unveiled in an effort to develop blockchain applications for companies that have created a “Coca-Cola Bottle Haven”.

In Coca-Cola’s recent income statement, Chairman and CEO James Quincy explained how the investment group for bottling helped to further improve operating margins.

Integrations with companies such as Salesforce and Coca-Cola are a springboard to reach a broader market as more companies learn how blockchain adoption can help reduce operating costs and improve efficiency.

Record volume and exposure to DeFi
UBT’s trading volume rose from an average of $ 3 million dollars per day to more than $ 18 million on February 19, bringing the price to a full-time high when the first teaser for the upcoming Storting announcement from Baseledger was announced.

After the first rally, trading volume dropped to a daily average of $ 5 million, but this is significantly higher than in previous weeks.

Unibright has also benefited from integration with popular decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, and has recently added the QuickSwap exchange, a tier 2 DEX built on top of Polygon.

UBT is up 40% since the inclusion of QuickSwap on February 28, and now that several tokens have been phased out and locked in Defi’s liquidity pools, investors expect the price to rise.