Crypto Asset Manager Valkiri unveiled an exchange-traded fund for taking Bitcoin on the Nasdaq market.

In a SEC release on Wednesday, Valkiri said its equity-sharing ETF would not invest directly in Bitcoin (BTC) but would provide crypto assets through the company. Americans including BTC on 80% of its assets. These companies can include securities, crypto exchanges and traders.

The report states that Valkyrie’s ETF can invest up to 10% net assets in Bitcoin mining companies, and up to 5% in BTC-based safe investment vehicles in the United States. . At the time of release, the share price under VBB Ticker was trading at .4 24.48, down 1.5% from the start of Wednesday.

Valkyrie’s ETF’s current opening follows the company bringing in a Bitcoin strategy ETF in October that offers free BTC as well as futures contracts. The share of the fund is trading at 18.70 on the Nasdaq, down 27% from the opening of Oct. 22.

Although the SEC has given green light to investment vehicles for Bitcoin derivatives, one from Valkiri and one from Prosher, the regulator has not yet approved the request to allow direct investment in crypto. Most crypto ETF applications are still being considered in the United States, while its northern neighbor – Canada – has received BTC ETFs from Fidelity.

According to data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro, the price of Bitcoin has risen more than $ 49,000 now but lower than 30% since it reached a peak of 69,000 on November 9. 47,736.

Source: CoinTelegraph