The non-instinctive token, or NFT, which represents digital parcels, was sold for a record $ 1.5 million in the crypto-tamagotchi’s Axie Infinity virtual ecosystem.

The platform introduces NFTs for Axies, a fictional creature that lives in a player-controlled virtual world called “Lunacia”.

On February 8, a community member bought nine digital parcels in Lunancia as a package for 888.25 Ether, worth over $ 1.5 million at the time. Lunancia covers a total of 90,601 lots, 19% of which are already owned by players.

The rapidly growing number can purchase important real estate properties in the real world. For the same amount of money or less, you can buy one of these luxury oceanfront apartments in Singapore, real estate in Santa Barbara County or Los Angeles, or a 26-acre plot in Louisiana.

Jupiter, known as Flying Falcon, explained why it bought nine sites in a tweet, saying:

“We are witnessing a historic moment. The emergence of digital nations with their well-defined, irrevocable property rights regimes. Axieland has entertainment, social and economic value in the form of future resource flows.”
The new digital landowner experienced impressive growth for Axie throughout 2020, including a 743% increase in NFT holders, a market size increase of 608% and a monthly active user increase of over 3,000%.

The sale also marked the first anniversary of the launch of Axie’s Ronin Mainnet, a side platform designed to ease the burden on the Ethereum network and gas fees for players.

Axie Infinity is also planning to introduce an interactive system called Project K, which will allow players to explore, decorate, fight and collect resources on their virtual land.

On February 9th, major DEX SushiSwap added a liquidity package for original Axie AXS token holders. Over the past 48 hours, Sochi has reported that the WETH / AXS pool has accumulated more than $ 1 million in cash.

The digital economy is rapidly growing in popularity in real estate, and Decentraland is currently one of the most popular economies, consistently ranking first in terms of volume under $ 40 million. According to, the average price for virtual properties is around $ 343.