Who knew what and when they knew him?

During the 1973 Watergate Inquiry, Senator Howard Baker, Jr. an answer. Thanks to two journalists, he finally got it. While the stakes may be low, the Cointelegraph Markets Pro team is very interested in hearing about some interesting crypto data this week.

The VORTECS inkluderer points include analysis of emotions, tweets, volume and price action as components of an algorithm, which is then weighted according to a proprietary formula based on how similar they are to historical conditions.

If these factors are equal, the score will be higher when historical precedents constantly drive up prices.

But while the score is calculated mathematically, the raw data can sometimes also tell a story.

First, here’s a graph of the volume of AAVE tweets this week, a graph versus the price of DeFi assets.

Tweets are clearly public information, but what are the chances that most retail participants in the cryptocurrency markets will be able to understand this anomaly and analyze its significance? However, the result of using VORTECS ™ can be – untouched by human hands, and since one component depends on the entire Twitter world (most algae live only on part of a complete fire hose), it is essentially omnipotent when it comes to these tweets.

Of course, VORTECS begynte points started to rise very soon after the increase in tweets, as shown in the graph below.

So what’s going on here? Is the AAVE army spawning to swing a sign? Any great news that affected the price just 24 hours later?

Well, this is a key factor for all conspiracy theorists: it’s just a coincidence. Clear and simple.

And it really comes down to Elon Musk … in a roundabout way. Because everything in encryption works these days.

This week Saturday night on a live stream hosted by a Doge fan, he shared a sketch with the acronym “AAVE”, which apparently led to a series of tweets related to “African American English slang” over the next few days.

In fact, even the Urban Dictionary tweeted about the acronym, even though the tweet is (as you’d expect from such a stately website) NSFW. The co-author of the program has been accused of cultural appropriation as a result of using some black jargon in the show, and as we all know, anger drives social media.

So … this is a great teaching moment to analyze the sentiment in the cryptocurrency market: proof that causation and correlation are not the same thing.

It so happens that AAVE (the origin of cryptocurrency) actually grew after a small increase in the Twitter volume for the term AAVE (abbreviation). And while the VORTECS ™ points delete tweets using artificial intelligence to remove those that do not match the context the algorithm is looking for … this time they may have been tricked. But do not worry – Markets Pro will filter this term in the future.

Damn you, Elon Musk!

Alpha before alpha?
Alpha Finance has nothing to do with Musk (as far as we know), so we’ll treat this as a weird thing.

The red arrow in the chart below shows an unusual 24-hour trading pattern followed by an almost 50% increase in ALPHA’s price.

It turns out that Alpha Finance has its own news this week when the team announced the launch of the Oracle package on May 10.

Following this unusual pattern and press release, the results of VORTECS begynte also began to grow.