The Blockchain Marketplace app, like eBay, Amazon and Depop, is gaining traction and promises to return money to both buyers and sellers.

Curate is designed to provide a comprehensive online shopping experience. In addition to supporting credit and debit cards and PayPal transactions, purchases can also be made with Bitcoin, Ether and Curate tokens.

One of the main goals of the project is to enter into a fairer agreement with sellers who make little profit. Sales through Curate will be charged a flat commission of 4% – much less than the fees on the major platforms.

Another difference is how 1% of the value of each purchase is distributed between buyers and sellers as a discount.

The Curate app is scheduled to launch in late March, and more than 4,000 users have pre-registered for early market access.

Buyers come first
Rewarding customers and a fairer marketplace are Curate’s top priorities – and Market Founder says it can be compared to a social media platform that focuses on clothing, fashion, games, technology, health, beauty and more. The main goal is to ensure that everyone who buys and sells in the market is rewarded for their time.

The app is designed to make it easier for consumers and sellers to interact with each other. Furthermore, small businesses can use Curate to interact with designers and connect with talented people who have the skills to market the brand.

Sellers can download the products they offer in the Curate app. In addition to buying these products, the community can also add likes and comments – and keep up with small businesses. From here, the most in-demand products can become both popular and visible. As fake reviews become a growing problem for both consumers and businesses, focusing on unique and original content has become a top priority.

While blockchain has already begun to emerge in supply chain management, financial services and commerce, Curate’s mission is to enable this technology to add value to the vibrant world of e-commerce. Leaders say the fourth industrial revolution is approaching – and traders will have a better chance of surviving this seismic shift if they keep up with the rapid pace of new technology and innovations that customers will quickly adopt.

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Several revenue models have been introduced for Curate tokens that have the XCUR line. Retailers, brands and influencers will be able to sign up for a Pro membership, while advertisers and agencies will be able to lead their campaigns to a specific customer base and have higher engagement. The site will also provide a similar experience to buyers and sellers who prefer a desktop computer.

Announce new partnerships
In a recent development, cryptocurrency-friendly online travel agency Travala announced that it plans to merge XCUR.

The strategic partnership means that XCUR owners will be able to book more than 2.2 million hotels and properties, buy airline tickets from over 600 airlines and book 40,000 events in 230 countries.

Crypto e-commerce store (SPI) has also entered into a partnership with Curate, which gives customers access to the web and listings on each platform.

There is nothing better than the feeling of discovering a new fashion trend – and Curate’s goal is to help fashion consumers find inspiration.

James Hakim, founder and CEO of Curate, has ambitious plans for Curate for the future. In a recent blog post, he said he wants the platform to become the most popular iOS and Android app over the next 18-24 months and become public.

As COVID-19 is constantly trading, Curate may be well positioned to take advantage of the sudden and ongoing shift to e-commerce.