Waves Enterprise has on board Singaporean financial technology company Tokenomika Pte Ltd. As a public and private mixed blockchain operator. Tokenomics will operate the public certified Waves Enterprise network from March.

The expansion is part of a strategic change for Waves Enterprise that places more emphasis on hybrid networks that can handle public blockchains such as Ethereum. In Gartner’s report on the “blockchain hype,” analysts predict that the corporate world will gradually transition from entirely private networks to mixed or even fully public alternatives. Waves Enterprise focuses on that expectation and focuses on building networks that can interact with the wider world of blockchains, especially in the token context. Sasha Ivanov, founder of Waves, told Cointelegraph:

“There are no business or government ecosystems fully functional yet; I would say the market is still looking for a minimal viable ecosystem model. But no matter what, you have to start with something small, that’s the only way to build A sustainable ecosystem … ”
Ivanov indicated that companies like Hedera Hashgraph are trying to present a mixed model, but he sees the Wave proposal as more comprehensive. According to Ivanov, although the demand for hybrid solutions is still small, it may change within three to five years. Meanwhile, the Singapore-based operator will focus on marketing off-the-shelf products such as the voting platform Waves blockchain.

Singapore provides the ideal jurisdiction for developing wave vision. “Singapore has one of the most advanced cryptocurrency and blockchain systems in the world,” Sasha Ivanov, founder of Waves, told Cointelegraph. It provides a neutral system for the growth of cryptocurrency and digital asset transactions. All this made Singapore a center for cryptocurrencies in Asia. Such legal spaces are needed to build disruptive ecosystems and economic models for the next generation. ”

According to Ivanov, the Waves Enterprise hybrid model has a niche that other projects have not yet occupied. The architecture is customizable and can be adapted to local coding standards, and has “smart contracts for language diagnosis”. The ability to implement ad hoc cryptography has been used by the Russian government in a recent blockchain electronic voting pilot project.

Ivanov criticized the new rules for Russian cryptocurrencies to some extent, noting that “the new rules for Russian cryptocurrencies do not really mean that commercial matters are based on public blockchain technologies and the crypto economy,” which is one of the reasons why Waves Enterprise is now pursuing others. Jurisdiction. Waves will continue to chase the Russian corporate market, but Ivanov noted that “the private blockchain has proven to be a needed technology for digital transformation here in Russia.”