is committed to developing a democratic, community-focused NFT hub to compete with the industry’s leading marketplaces and data collection platforms.

Irreplaceable Tokens (NFTs) enjoyed a record year in 2021 with over $14 billion in revenue, collectable avatars infiltrating the mainstream market and becoming cultural status symbols, and avant-garde utilities driving innovative Web3 opportunities across multiple industries open up.

Despite a rebound in financial and emotional health in Q1 2022, expectations are rising in the NFT community regarding the upcoming schedule of calendar events, such as the launch of public NFT platform Coinbase and the potential for OpenSea and MetaMask tokens.

In an exclusive interview with Jordan Fried, CEO of Immutable Holdings and founder of, Cointelegraph learned Fried’s perspective on Buffett’s impact on Web3 ideologies, the forthcoming launch of, and the use of Hedera’s consensus service to track minted profiles .

Freed has been in the crypto space since 2012, using Bitcoin as a payment method in the VPN business and then as a core member of the Hedera Hashgraph Distributed Ledger technology founding team, personally hiring Google, IBM, Boeing and LG Electronics to join the Headers of the board of directors.

A little over a year ago, he founded Immutable Holdings, a blockchain management company that currently manages over $80 million in assets (AUM) and aims to “democratize access to blockchain technology.”

Citing limited access to many traditional markets where accredited investors raise capital, Fried stated that his vision for Immutable Holdings is to provide easier access for retail investors, coupled with an effort to bring the business to Berkshire’s par to scale Hathaway. blockchain industry.

As of September 28, Immutable Holdings shares were publicly traded on the NEO Canadian Stock Exchange under the ticker HOLD and are currently valued at CA$1.35.

At the start of the conversation, Fried made a bold prediction, echoing a comment by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong in a recent talk on the launch of an NFT trading platform, that NFTs have demonstrated financial potential that could increase the value of cryptoassets in the world will eclipse for years to come .

“Everything we own in the physical verse and metaverse is presented in the form of NFTs. So when you add up that cumulative value, it’s probably a lot more than the $1.9 trillion worth of coins circulating on CMC today.”
Constantly touting his desire to emulate Warren Buffett’s accomplishments, Fried acknowledged his inherent talent for investing, but openly criticized his immunity to technological advances, stating:

“With all due respect to the Oracle of Omaha, this man has missed every single technological wave of his life. He’s one of the best investors of our generation, but when it comes to bitcoin and blockchain, he just doesn’t invest enough time.”
Fried’s newest venture,, is a decentralized platform for creators, artists, and collectors to trade and distribute NFT assets, engage in digital discourse, and operate and engage in a community-driven ecosystem. CEO of, but as “Chief Decentralization Officer”.

Starting with the initial NFT release, the platform will feature: an NFT profile name and a Web3 social network, a cross-chain data hub consisting of leaderboards, leaderboards and data statistics across a large number of NFT collections – similar to CoinMarketCap NFT – and a peer-to-peer marketplace.

Together, these services will strive to support the overarching quest to become a fully integrated headquarters for everything non-replaceable.

As an entrepreneur who has thrived over the last two iterations of the internet, Fried places great emphasis on Web3’s potential to rebuild the internet through the coordinated formation of a blockchain-based DAO, which he says will take two to three years. behind the NFT curve in terms of consumer adoption and engagement.

“We aim to decentralize over time by inviting the community to take the lead, with the community of developers, artists and users helping to shape the future of the platform.”
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Source: CoinTelegraph