Metaverse is a major buzzword in the world of crypto and technology, as well as in the art and gaming spaces. The term was coined in the early 1990s by American science fiction writer Neil Stephenson in his work Snow Crash. In this novel, he describes a virtual world in an imagined future where goggles-wearing virtual reality (VR) users live, sell and sell virtual real estate in a market that surrounds the planet.

In short, the Metaverse concept refers to a perpetually simulated online digital world that combines multiple elements of technology, such as VR, augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and blockchain, along with social media concepts.

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Essentially, the decentralized Metaverse is a future iteration of the Internet that creates environments that enrich user interaction by simulating the real world. In metaverses, users can do work or shop, play games, meet and socialize together and perform most of the activities they do in daily life online. Additionally, video games provide the closest experience the metaverse has to offer, typically by creating virtual economies and hosting in-game events.

What is Bloktopia?
Bloktopia is a metaverse project that aims to be an educational and entertainment hub for all levels of crypto experience with immersive information and experience in one place. Built on top of the Polygon Network and powered by the Unity cross-platform game engine, Bloktopia leverages technology to create stunning visualizations and user experiences.

The Bloktopia metaverse is designed to be a decentralized virtual reality skyscraper of 21 floors. The number 21 was chosen not by chance but in honor of the total Bitcoin supply of 21 million, which was programmed by its inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto.

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Virtual and augmented reality technologies are merging in Bloktopia Tower, along with blockchain and crypto, to create a decentralized environment for future entrepreneurs, investors, gamers and developers. The Bloktopia metaverse economy is based on the custom Non-Foldable Tokens (NFT) mechanism that allows its users, Bloktopians, to own and develop land as virtual real estate, with advertisements and events creating opportunities to gain visitors.

The Bloktopia metaverse is like a giant mall, where stores are located along with other types of activities where blockchain projects, NFTs, exchanges, influencers and brands display their products. In short, Bloktopia is used for education, income, gaming, creativity and social experience of virtual reality.

If you are wondering who is behind Bloktopia, the answer is simple: experienced blockchain veterans who have been active in technology, crypto, and film for decades. They are co-founder and CEO Ross Tavakoli, co-founder and chief marketing officer Paddy Carroll and CTO Simon Benson.

How does Bloktopia (BLOK) work?
By providing a virtual reality experience to the community of Bloktopians, Bloktopia users can participate in an immersive environment according to the four primary pillars of the project: Learn, Earn, Play and Create. In general, Bloktopia’s sophisticated metaverse allows visitors to:

First of all, to interact with Bloktopia, users need to create avatars that appear outside Bloktopia’s 21-storey skyscraper. Then, once users create their avatars, they enter the first level which is a first class commercial space. There they can get information about cryptocurrency prices, contact support, use the navigation area and helpdesk, see the agenda of events and a summary of all events. Level 1 users can also participate in events by registering.

Basically, the first level gives an overview of what is going on in the Metaverse which is the area for crypto influencers to advertise. Bloktopia offers billboards bearing the name of totems: 21 large and 84 small billboards are located on this floor and are excellent advertising opportunities.

On the sixth floor, users can find the hall. This venue hosts interactive and immersive video presentations from crypto influencers and forms part of key events in the Bloktopia metaverse. Some crypto talks and presentations are promoted within this metaverse and users get rewards for attending.

Another space is the shed and the games section. This floor was created to refresh the mood of Bloktopians. In it, Bloktopians can play poker or some multiplayer games of chance. In addition to having fun, one of the advantages of playing it is the chance to win original Bloktopia metaverse tokens.

Moreover, along with notable Bloktopia use cases such as accessing educational and educational tools about cryptography, virtual events and gatherings, Bloktopia users can unlock multiple streams of passive and active income, in addition to betting. One of the monetization opportunities is the option to purchase real estate blocks in the form of

Source: CoinTelegraph