I don’t like to use the word “prediction” because its meaning leads to speculation. On the contrary, I prefer the word “expectation”. 2020 teaches us not to make any predictions about the future, but to prepare for the future. We should expect some trends to run through the whole year, from enterprise blockchain and funds to digital games to blockchain. game. And cryptographic art. Which of these will define 2022? In order to understand this issue in depth, I contacted a number of experts in the encryption and blockchain industry and asked “What are encryption and blockchain waiting for in 2022? What are your personal expectations for next year?”

Alan Konoski of Prime Block
Alan is the Chief Legal Officer of PrimeBlock, which is a sustainable Bitcoin mining operator, infrastructure solution provider and member of the Bitcoin Mining Committee, with branches all over North America.

“We will see more countries adopt cryptocurrency as legal tender. We will also see the central government come out and take our money and put it on the blockchain. China has said it will do this, which will accelerate privatization “Look at cryptocurrency from a real competitive payment perspective.

From the perspective of price protection or inflation, the central bank does not provide digital currency competition because it is always the same legal tender and is affected by the same monetary policy changes of the central bank. This is definitely a completely digital and transparent thing. It has both good things and some terrible things. Hopefully, at least in the United States, the story will come together around CBDC and keep in mind the values ​​of our society, including our own privacy and control.

China’s approach to the United States will be different, so the talks need to consciously ask the right questions. Technology is a way to truly ignore the basic social, social, political, philosophical, and legal influences that may have on society. This is a very powerful tool-I will not reduce or increase it. The government has extensive regulatory control over the payment, banking and financial systems, as well as the major intermediaries that manage banks and other institutions. It will directly affect us at the micro level. ”

Andrew Nevis of Zabidi
Andrew Zubidi is the Chief Technology Officer, powering the economy of the virtual world through programmed payments and microtransactions.

“Non-fungal tokens completely captured the imagination of the public in 2021 and led to the rise of major economic power gambling. I think that as people start to see more value, this concept will develop in new ways in 2022.” There is open interference between platforms-it will lose the fast-paced narrative and instead support more sustainable concepts, and Bitcoin will play an important role.

Anton Bukov in the 1-inch network
Anton is the co-founder of 1inch Networks, which is a network-centric distributed protocol.

“In the past two years, this is the reason why our spot market transaction volume has expanded significantly. I expect the decentralized derivatives market will receive more attention from market makers and other professional participants in 2022. Due to the lack of crypto assets In the traditional market, DeFi will have the opportunity to fill this gap.

Daniela Barbosa’s Hyperledger Foundation
Daniela is the executive director of the Hyperledger Foundation and the general manager of the Linux Foundation blockchain, healthcare organization and identity.

“2022 will once again be an exciting year for enterprise blockchain. Companies that start adopting technology for the first time will begin to enjoy real benefits, and all industries will actively promote the integration of DLT and enterprise stacking-related technologies.”. Will increase profits.

The impact of the international blockchain on the existing market is just a story. As companies around the world begin to take advantage of the potential of distributed and decentralized technologies, business and business models will continue to be the headlines. At the Hyperledger Foundation, we have seen increased interest in combining our technologies (such as digital identity, CBDC, tokenization (fungible and non-fungible), transferable spending, etc.).

Click Brian on DAO Maker
Hatu is the co-founder and chief security officer of DAO Maker, a company that develops technology and financing frameworks to reduce investor risk.

“Today, cryptocurrency has become popular and has become an investment target for everyone. Their position has almost no problem with regard to the value of deposits. However, cryptocurrency is trying to disrupt the global financial system, and we need to consider’intermediary’.”

Source: CoinTelegraph