In 2020, the public will be aware of an important issue of Bitcoin (BTC): energy consumption. This raises many questions about the cryptocurrency industry’s demand for sustainable green energy and addresses these issues by making community sustainability a priority. Given that mankind is facing the threat of climate change, which is the most serious problem on our planet, the trend of more green solutions should continue in the coming years and decades.

Another important trend that will certainly be maintained in the next few years is Metaverse. Establishing a digital dimension in which users can buy, sell, play, interact, etc. This looks very futuristic, but the future will come soon. I believe that many brands will enter Metaverse this year and live in this growing field. Let’s not turn it into a centralized hell—or rather, create a decentralized heaven.

But this is just my opinion. In order to further understand this issue, he contacted many experts in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and asked “What will happen when cryptocurrency and blockchain are linked in 2022? What are your personal expectations for this year?”

Alex Tapskott of Ninepoint Digital Asset Group
Alex is a writer, speaker, investor, and consultant, focusing on the impact of emerging technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency. He is the CEO of Nine Point Digital Assets Group, an investment management service provider in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

“I think 2022 is a very chain year. In 2021, there will be an increase in new first-rate agreements such as Solana and Avalanche. These agreements promise to improve Ethereum through faster debits and lower payments. But these benefits Can last. Just like them. As they become more popular, they may suffer the same fate as Ethereum.

With the tsunami of new users entering the ecosystem, it became a victim of its own success. Taxes have increased rapidly, turning Ethereum into a “whale chain”, which means that only the rich can pay taxes. The same thing will happen on other layers. Everything is fine. I think in the next few years, it will become the rarest resource block space in the world. All these layers may be filled, which means that we need a better way to connect different protocols.

Most new encrypted users will only interact at the application level without knowing or paying attention to which key chain they are using. This means that interaction becomes a reality. Several teams are working on multiple channels, including Cosmos, which accepts crypto assets worth tens of billions of dollars. 2022 is the year of multi-chain maximization, and the universe is at the forefront. ”

Andrew Levine of Koinos Group
Andrew is the CEO of Koinos Group, an industry veteran who accelerates decentralization through affordable blockchain technology.

“2022 will be the next-generation battle of kings, and Darkhorse’s entry will be a brand new tax-free blockchain.”

South Senri Beribalaki
Bailey is a research analyst at Nansen Platform, which combines online data with a proprietary database of more than 100 million blockchain wallets to provide investors and financial institutions with real-time information about the expanding blockchain ecosystem . .

“2022 will be a very exciting year, because we see the large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies on a global scale. Regulation is something that is constantly remembered and considered in space. Regulation in the cryptocurrency world is no longer negative. Yes, but positive. We are acting. However, while many countries seek more acceptance, countries that are constantly retreating will be left behind.

As space regulation becomes clearer and more important institutional funds (such as pension funds) begin to flow into space, it becomes more acceptable. In addition, the DeFi space is currently very fragmented. The growth of scalability primary and secondary solutions has led to ecosystem silos and inefficient markets (e.g., decentralized liquidity, deadlines for transfer of funds to secondary, etc.). Therefore, more interactions between different chains and layers in the next few years will undoubtedly increase acceptance. It should also be noted that with the integration of various technologies such as NFT, acceptance will increase significantly.

Source: CoinTelegraph