The Swiss-regulated fintech provides trading applications with a powerful add-on toolset to help traders of all styles improve their performance.

The growing number of cryptocurrency users, despite the year-round bear season, has shown that it is never too late to enter the crypto market. Last year started with less than 300 million active crypto users, and although the crypto market experienced spectacular events like the collapse of the FTX crypto exchange, the crypto community continued to grow and ended the year with 400 million crypto users.

Cryptocurrency adoption is particularly high in emerging markets, with significant growth in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, according to reports from Chainalysis.

The ever-growing cryptocurrency market directly translates into a more mature and sophisticated trading environment, where traders need a variety of tools to increase efficiency and confidence.

Traditional trading tools like cryptocurrency exchanges can be very slow and ineffective in fast-moving markets. That’s why traders of all skill levels are flocking to trading terminals that enhance their efficiency with a comprehensive set of tools that enable automation and provide tools for in-depth market analysis.

Traders who want to understand the market better, analyze results and change strategies quickly need tailor-made apps designed specifically to achieve different goals. For example, day traders need fundamental analysis and hourly charts to develop good strategies, while scalpers need to quickly open and close their positions in short periods of time to take advantage of fast market movements.

A Swiss-founded regulated fintech company founded in 2015, Tiger.Trade provides a series of trading apps and web3 services with unique features that enhance the trading experience to help users of all skill levels achieve more.

Crypto, Stocks, Futures and more in one Windows app
Preferred by over 175,000 traders from scalpers to investors, the Tiger.Trade native Windows desktop application provides a trading terminal where users can trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, futures, forex pairs and options in one place. The extensive, user-friendly platform connects to cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, OKX and Bybit, as well as exchanges such as NYSE, NASDAQ and CME, which are accessible through TWS, Rithmic, MetaTrader 5 and many other terminals.

As traders seek a diverse arsenal of trading tools, Tiger.Trade for Windows offers a range of tools with a minimalist design to help them focus on the trading process and achieve their goals. Scalpers can benefit from an integrated functional trading panel, a Depth of Market (DOM) widget with customizable settings and cluster analysis. The native charting terminal provides classic candlestick and trailing charts with a large list of indicators and the ability to create groups for detailed technical analysis. Additionally, investors can use the watchlist feature to find the best trading opportunities available at any given time.

Tiger.Trade for Windows also has a player training module and a simulator to help new traders test strategies with real-time and historical data without risking real money. With the simulator feature, traders can experiment and test strategies in real time on a demo account. The Player module, on the other hand, allows traders to examine historical data strategies for any asset over any time period.

Additionally, a built-in risk manager protects users’ live trading accounts, helping them stick to their chosen trading strategy and submitting automatic orders to avoid losses.

Native trading app for MacOS.
Apple Mac and MacBook users get a native trading application written in the Swift programming language for best-in-class performance. Tiger.Trade for MacOS features a user-friendly interface and powerful trading tools designed for speed and efficiency with the needs of day traders and scalpers in mind.

Currently, the app allows traders to connect to Binance, but the company plans to add other cryptocurrency exchanges in the near future. The MacOS app helps enhance the efficiency of the trading process with analytical tools and enhanced trading functionality. The app’s comprehensive features cover the entire trading cycle, from pre-trade market analysis to post-trade performance evaluation.

The app offers DOM’s mouse-over trading and chart controls, price alerts, drag-and-drop order management, assigning keyboard shortcuts to orders, and customizable layouts for good macOS users.

Source: CoinTelegraph