Join us as we discuss the reasons behind the recent surge in AI token prices.

In this week’s Market Talks episode, Cointelegraph welcomes Crypto, a research analyst and author. He is the author of his own blog, which focuses on everything related to cryptocurrencies, the Web3 and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Without wasting time, we go straight to why artificial intelligence (AI) has become a metaphor in recent times. Why are signs that use artificial intelligence having their time in the sun, and is this a trend that will continue into the future or just a passing trend?

Recently, memecoins have also been on the rise as well. We’ll see why that is and which memecoins you should check out.

There was a new sense of joy in the market since we saw more green candles across the board. It also resulted in a lot of activists spamming Twitter with coins, which is amazing, but what are you supposed to do in the current mood and will it be short?

It’s hard for some people in the crypto space to take a break from all that’s going on in the market and go back and look at what’s going on outside of cryptocurrencies. We’ll take a look at what some of these activities are and whether you should consider them.

Although the first month of 2023 is over, there is still a lot to offer this year. We look at some of the year’s predictions and rate them on a “low, medium and high” scale to calculate the probability of each prediction happening. One of the highlights of this year was the launch of Stacked Ether. We discuss how this will play out and who is best positioned to profit in the Ether

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liquid derivatives market.

Stay with us till the end to get all these news and more. Cointelegraph will also accept your questions and comments during the program, so make sure you are prepared.

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Source: CoinTelegraph