The Millennium Series Authentication Division, founded by science fiction icon William Shatner, has partnered with Mattereum, a London-based dual digital trading platform, to launch an initiative aimed at creating non-exchangeable tokens.

‘Digital twins’ refer to NFTs for real assets or rwaNFTs – token versions of physical goods.

According to a press release released on Monday, the joint initiative will include rwaNFT based on memorabilia and props for famed Captain James T. Kirk of Shatner from the groundbreaking science fiction series Star Trek.

The group’s catalog also includes props from Boston Legal, which includes Shatner as Denny Crane, as well as items from movies like Titanic and Logan’s Run. These items will be auctioned off at the OpenSea NFT Marketplace later this week.

As part of a joint initiative, Ocuver, a third-millennium sponsored service, will certify the authenticity of each digital twin. It is reported that using smart contract protocols, Mattereum will record this blockchain-based certification via asset passports.

Matrium said Asset Passport is a third-party digital identity protocol that the company developed to authenticate digital twins. Mattereum’s partnership with Third Millennia will expand the protocol to NFT holdings.

The partnership comes amid significant interest in the NFT space, as non-cryptocurrency industry organizations join the expanding metaverse of the blockchain. For Shatner, this collaboration is a positive step towards providing reliable pedigree tracing capabilities for all stakeholders in digital groups.

Commenting on the need to combat counterfeiting in the NFT space, Third Millennium President Paul Camuso noted:

Since counterfeit goods are readily available, there must be a system in place to make consumers feel secure when shopping for luxury goods, arts and collectibles. The Millennium Authentication System is an effective way to ensure consumer confidence in commodities purchased in the primary and secondary markets. Consumers can be confident of the authenticity of what they are buying, and the system eliminates doubts about the history and origins of future generations. ”
The NFT Origin Initiative isn’t Shatner’s first attack on the crypto space and the blockchain. As previously reported by Cointelegraph in June 2020, the actor has been calling for a wider adoption of the new technology since 2019.

In July 2020, 125,000 NFT commercial cards were sold with Shatner’s personal life and career in minutes on the WAX ​​blockchain.

Celebrity participation in the NFT Room is also gaining traction, with people such as skateboard legend Tony Hawk and Linkin Park co-founder Mike Shinoda auctioning their NFTs.