2022 has seen greater inclusion and participation of women in the crypto and blockchain industries.

2022 has seen the continued rise of disruptive blockchain-centric concepts such as decentralized finance, GameFi, non-fungible tokens, and Web3. Notably, some of the related projects that succeeded in 2022 were led by women, which is a good indicator of progress in an otherwise male-dominated industry.

The growing participation of women in cryptocurrency signals a growing inclusiveness and maturation of the sector, encouraging diversity and the adoption of ideas that resonate more with an underrepresented demographic.

Yet in 2022, a group of exceptional women have achieved unprecedented levels of success in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry due to their ambition, innovation, leadership, and dedication.

Cointelegraph had the opportunity to speak with Nodira Sadikova, a venture capitalist and M&A consultant, at Web3. She reiterated this positive development while noting that there is a new category of women under 30 who are making an impact in the industry.

“We can see the growing rate of smart and talented women under 30, such as Nastya Moroz (Crypto trading and investment course exclusively for women), Daria Lomova (Art consultant and curator of digital art), Stella Friaisse (crypto podcaster and event organizer) and many more,” Sadikova said, adding:

“This army of extremely brave individuals has transformed the market and created new trends and opportunities for women who haven’t had the courage to enter the crypto industry.”
The following is a look at the women making waves in the crypto industry in 2022.

Elizabeth Stark
Elizabeth Stark is the co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs and an early proponent of blockchain scaling solutions. His company, Lightning Labs, specializes in developing Lightning Network (LN) products that allow users to trade Bitcoin

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more efficient. The Lightning Network is a layer 2 scaling solution that allows users to transact BTC quickly and at a lower cost than mainchain transactions.

His company offers a range of ancillary services primarily related to the Lightning Network, including high-volume micropayment services. This is achieved by using a two-way micropayment pipeline process that enables faster processing of transactions, which helps reduce transaction fees.

In addition to running a blockchain company, Stark is also a member of the Coin Center, a leading nonprofit dedicated to cryptocurrency policy issues. She is also a consultant at Chia, a blockchain company operating a unique crypto-mining protocol whose mechanism is based on the proof of concepts of time and space. The algorithmic consensus system allows users to store random numbers on their digital storage space, such as their hard drives or solid-state drives.

Users with large disk space are more likely to be rewarded. The concept is revolutionary in that it is not performance-oriented or computationally intensive, and relies solely on sending numeric requests. As a result, the power consumption of the network is 100 times lower than typical proof-of-work systems like the Bitcoin network.

Before becoming a crypto entrepreneur, Stark was a lecturer at Stanford and Yale universities, where she taught students about peer-to-peer networking.

Notably, the Lightning Network infrastructure developed by his company has been adapted for a variety of uses in 2022, including supporting cross-continental bitcoin-to-fiat transactions.

Kathleen Breitmann
Kathleen Breitman is co-founder and CEO of Dynamic Ledger Solutions and a graduate of Cornell University.

Dynamic Ledger Solutions is the developer behind the Tezos Proof-of-Stake blockchain protocol. Tezos was designed to address many shortcomings that plague Bitcoin and other early cryptocurrency networks, such as: B. limited scalability and high gas fees. its native token,

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is currently one of the top 50 most popular cryptocurrencies in the world with a market capitalization of over US$700 million.

Prior to his involvement in crypto, Breitman worked as an associate.

Source: CoinTelegraph