Video sharing platform YouTube removed 251,000 subscribers from Anthony Pompano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital and host of The Pomp Podcast, before later taking him back.

On Monday, in an update to his Twitter account, Pompliano – Bitcoin (BTC) known for its interviews to educate skeptics and others about cryptography – said he received an email from YouTube referring to a recent live interview with the share’s creator. The -to-stream model encouraged PlanB’s “illegal activity”. “The entire Pompliano channel was unavailable for about two hours before being returned to the platform, and all the videos about BTC and cryptocurrency were shown to the public.

“[Youtube] initially stated that the content, the Bitcoin interview, was malicious and dangerous,” Pompliano said. “Then they said we would get a fine, but then I got another email that the channel was deleted after a few seconds.”

According to Pompliano, he did not receive any “strikes” – violations of YouTube’s guidelines for society; Three warnings within 90 days can permanently delete a channel – it turns out that the video does not contain suspicious content or anything else. However, the platform’s rules state that it has the right to remove channels for “one case of serious abuse” or for accounts intended for content including hate speech, harassment, or imitation.

YouTube has previously targeted cryptocurrency-related content on the platform, with its algorithms classifying videos about BTC and other cryptocurrencies as “malicious content” so that people can consider any grounds for complaints. In Pompliano’s case, he managed to get the attention of YouTube support on Twitter in a matter of minutes – likely due to his 1.1 million followers and verified accounts. However, other cryptocurrencies reported that their channels were closed in the same way after a few days.

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The seemingly arbitrary deletion of a major crypto player underscores the dangers of relying on a central platform like YouTube. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have been shut down for about six hours over the past week, which is likely to disrupt public participation in crypto and blockchain projects.

Additionally, YouTube has been in the spotlight due to attempts to eliminate misinformation about health videos about the COVID-19 pandemic. In August, the platform said it had removed over 1 million videos “related to dangerous information about the coronavirus” since February 2020.

Source: CoinTelegraph